Strategic IT Consulting

Mainstreet IT Solutions provides strategic IT consulting and IT management for organizations throughout South Central PA.

Strategic IT Consulting

Today, every SME needs to develop and implement a comprehensive plan to guide its technology strategy in such a competitive business market. MainStreet helps businesses across various industries manage their software, hardware, networks, policies, and cloud services to free them to focus on their core competencies.

MainStreet IT Solution’s Strategic IT Consulting service is an all-encompassing solution tailored to the needs of small to medium-sized businesses. When you consult MainStreet, we become your full IT partner. We will liaise with your CTO, CIO, or IT department to examine your businesses’ long-term IT strategy and determine the most cost-efficient ways to manage it. If you run a lean business, you can try our Virtual CIO services for more IT benefits.

Strategic IT Consulting

vCIO Service

vCIO is both a title and service that combines all the tasks maintained by CTOs, CIOs, and technology consultants. Mainstreet’s new service is a flexible suite of responsibilities that range from infrastructure management and IT support to cloud data security and strategy monitoring and analysis. When you choose MainStreet’s vCIO service, you rightly choose a proactive CIO service customized to your business’s long-term IT needs, goals, and budget.

Business Growth Integration

Businesses of all types and sizes must always change to adapt to the needs of the market and the evolution of technology. Business events such as mergers, office moves, branch openings, and acquisitions, no matter how minor, often have significant long-term impacts on every business’s IT strategy. MainStreet helps its clients integrate and streamline infrastructure and services to minimize business disruption.

IT & Communications

MainStreet’s IT expertise spans across IT and communications. We offer a broad range of custom-made local and cloud-based IT services, including phone system installation, local LAN and WAN connectivity, Unified Communications, and Business Collaboration and Scheduling tools. Our IT and Communications experts are well informed on the latest developments in the market and will guide your business to streamline its internal and external communication platform.

System & Data Security and Disaster Planning

One of the biggest causes of small business failures today is not installing proper IT security or failing to plan for disasters. Every business would benefit from a disaster management strategy that enables the business to respond quickly to incidences and protect business continuity during outages, attacks, or natural disasters. Is security is a top priority for your business? MainStreet can help you become more immune to attacks and secure your online and offline data from malware, hackers, and accidental losses or exposure.

Infrastructure Monitoring and Management

The quality of the IT management approach a business takes could be the difference between suffering costly productivity gaps and maintaining seamless and consistent operational productivity. Every growing business needs an IT partner who appreciates the volatile nature of today’s commercial world. Business processes must run at peak efficiency at all times – including off-peak business hours. The uptime of IT infrastructure or performance should never be on the list of things a small business CEO worries about.

Try MainStreet Strategic IT Consulting Free for a Month

Figuring out their specific needs and the solutions the market offers is a critical step for every business shopping for the ideal strategic IT consulting partner. MainStreet makes it easy for you to find that out. Contact MainStreet IT Solutions today to talk to an IT expert and try our IT consulting – obligation-free for a month. If you are dissatisfied for any reason after 30 days, you can walk away – no questions asked.

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