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The paradigm shift in the global retail industry is hard to ignore. Ever-increasing customer expectations, rapidly evolving retail technologies, and burgeoning expansion of personalized retail sales have driven retail to a tipping point.

Businesses have to adopt better technologies to meet customer shopping experience expectations in a hyper-connected market. Small businesses are at a great disadvantage as far as managed IT services go: they have to develop their own business models, identify and eliminate future business obstacles, and deploy new, often untested technologies.

MainStreet is the ideal partner to help your business carve a successful path to modernizing a retail enterprise. At its core, our retail IT solutions cover:

IT Services Retail

Supply Chain Structuring and Management

A small to medium-sized retail business depends on the retail supply chain to get the products they will pass on to the end consumer. While many retailers still do the supply management process by pen and paper, MainStreet can help you gain an advantage with an automated and fully customizable retail supply management platform. This ensures an efficient and trackable movement of products from the supplier through to the final sale to the consumer.

Retail Networks for POS Systems

Whether you run a brick-and-mortar corner shop or a sophisticated online retail store, you need a point-of-sale system. Every retail business must have a Network PoS solution that ties the front-end payments platform to the back-end accounting system. We can help your business set up an independent and always-online PoS system that integrates a range of payment systems, including credit cards and various mobile money systems.


When you choose to offer products online, MainStreet’s scalable e-commerce solution is designed to be both flexible and scalable. Trust us to set up a secure, user-friendly, and enjoyable shopping platform complete with payment integration, an online shopping cart, and product e-stores. As a holistic service, the e-commerce platform can be personalized to every client’s industry or specific requirements and loaded with analytics tools for sales and marketing.

Secure Guest Wireless

Your customers expect connectivity whenever they are on your premises. Retail shops that use IoT devices such as kiosks, digital signs, mobile PoS, and vending machines, in particular, need a managed guest wireless network. MainStreet specializes in the installation and configuration of entire or parts of a public or private Wi-Fi network. We offer a range of access point options, including indoor and outdoor, all of which come with long-range connectivity support and a lifetime warranty.

PCI Compliance

Compliance with regulations set by the Payment card industry and other technical operators is necessary for a business to accept various payment options. These compliance requirements are often steep and focused on data security and identity protection. MainStreet understands the PCI Security Standard requirements and will help your retail business become PCI-compliant. Since individual credit card companies have different compliance requirements, it can be challenging for a retail business to meet them without assistance from an IT specialist company.

MainStreet IT Solutions backs its services with a 30-day no-questions-asked guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with our services for any reason, you can walk away within the first month.

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