Managed Detection & Response

Have you been looking for the best-managed detection and response services for your South Central Pennsylvania business without success? If so, your misery ends here! The section below explains what MDR is, how it can benefit your business, and why you should consider partnering with us for the best MDR services and solutions. So let’s get down to business!

Managed Detection Response

MDR Overview: What Is It?

MDR, or managed detection & response, is an outsourced cybersecurity service that leverages human expertise, threat intelligence, advanced analytics, and a host of other technologies to monitor, detect, and respond to a cyber threat. The idea is to keep your organization overly secure from attacks by actively threat-hunting 24/7/365 and quickly responding to discovered security incidents before they wreak havoc on your sensitive data and assets.

An MDR solution is deemed the most advanced and complete if it guarantees 24/7 security monitoring and control of organizational systems and networks. Further, the solution should offer cloud-managed security services to enterprises that can’t afford the cost of running their security operations on-prem. And the best MDR provider should also provide remote response services like threat containment and support in bringing the client’s environment back to normal.

How can MDR Services and Solutions Benefit Your Business?

An MDR solution can benefit your business in multiple ways. From having peace of mind due to your organization’s cybersecurity readiness to speedy containment of cyber threats, you just can’t get enough of this security solution. Here are the top six reasons you should consider investing in MDR for your firm:

Peace of Mind from Cybersecurity Readiness

Having a reliable MDR provider brings a huge sigh of relief, knowing that your organization is prepared for any security threat that might come its way.

Usually, when a cyber risk occurs, the employees (and even the senior management) often panic. This may take a massive toll on finances, reputation, and productivity if the organization lacks a robust detection and response plan. Good news: you can avoid the panic by proactively implementing an MDR solution so that when such a risk occurs, you know how to recover quickly and resume operations in no time.

Release Your Staff from the Burden of Day-to-Day Security Management

Let’s face it; monitoring IT security systems and infrastructure 24/7 isn’t child’s play. Running and managing an on-prem data center consumes lots of time and money that you can save when you contract a managed detection and response firm to provide the services on your staff’s behalf.

The best part of making such a move is that you enjoy round-the-clock MDR services from the most qualified security analysts, and you don’t need to invest any tools or resources. You’ll only pay a small fraction of the cost of managing an on-prem center.

Guaranteed Early Threat Detection

Discovering threats faster and sooner puts you in a better position to seal all the loopholes ahead of time and prevent attacks. For instance, if an attack succeeds in a different organization within your industry, the threat actors might try to replicate it in other businesses – it could be yours.

Tracing such attacks, learning from them, and applying their lessons in your systems goes a long way in ensuring you don’t get victimized by similar cyber risks. An effective MDR service can handle the whole process accurately and quickly on your behalf. The solution monitors evolving threats, samples those relevant to your digital systems, lays down detection procedures, and formulates response methods.

Detecting Hidden Threats that Bypass the Basic Security Monitoring

Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and innovative by the day, and basic security monitoring may not be enough to stop them. Attackers can effortlessly bypass the rule-based security monitoring practices by employing more sophisticated techniques.

Thankfully, MDR leverages the most advanced security solution backed by data-driven analytics, AI, and machine learning to unmask all threats without the need of hiring expensive data scientists or investing in a big data analytical platform. Instead, all you have to do is to partner with a reliable MDR provider like MainStreet and enjoy rock-solid protection against insider threats, malicious files, data exfiltration, among other threats.

Speedy Containment of Incidents

If your MDR provider discovers a cybersecurity breach, they react swiftly to contain the incidents at a machine speed before they can cause any further damages. Below are some urgent actions that detection and response experts often initiate automatically to keep threat actors at bay:

  • Changing firewall and router configurations to block unauthorized access
  • Temporarily removing accounts until normalcy resume
  • Erasing all the files that might aid cybercriminals in their data exfiltration efforts
  • Applying virtual patches via web application firewalls (WAF) and intrusion prevention systems (IPS)
  • Providing live updates to relevant stakeholders concerning the ongoing security analyst investigations

Improved Compliance and Reporting

Cybersecurity compliance requirements like HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GDPR play an influential role in business success. But here’s the catch; complying with all the regulatory requirements takes time, yet it’s a must-do exercise, lest you incur hefty fines and penalties. Luckily, a top-rated MDR provider can take care of all the paperwork for you, giving you time to focus on more value-adding business activities.

MDR experts also provide monthly strategic reports and real-time dashboards, giving you insights into your cybersecurity posture and how MDR services have been influential to the cause. What’s more, there’s the postmortem report, providing data-driven information to help you measure how a cybersecurity incident would impact your business.

MainStreet IT Solutions is Your No.1 MDR Services and Solutions Provider!

Technology solutions like Microsoft 365, telecommunication, software, networking, etc., came as productivity and growth enablers for businesses. But unfortunately, cybercriminals and other ill-intended users saw an opportunity to exploit businesses and unsuspecting users by targeting their sensitive information, networks, and computer systems. Hence, organizations need to remain vigilant and prepared to prevent security breaches by implementing advanced security solutions like MDR.

As a South Central PA business, if you haven’t implemented an MDR solution yet, it’s not too late, as we’re here to help! MainStreet IT Solutions is an industry leader in managed detection and response and other cybersecurity services. We have the most qualified personnel and advanced tools to keep your business protected 24/7/365 through continuous threat monitoring, detection, and automatic response.

The best part about partnering with us is that we offer a 30-day no-questions-asked guarantee if you’re not happy in the first month of the relationship. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today, and let us remove your company’s IT and security burdens off your shoulders!

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