IT Services for Insurance Agencies

The ever-changing compliance requirements and fast evolution of technology have forced insurance firms to upgrade their technologies to meet industry standards. MainStreet is an IT solutions specialist that delivers the tools that insurance companies in South Central, PA, need to meet regulations affordably.

We leverage our experience in the insurance industry to guide insurance firms to find the best technologies they can use to deliver seamless service to an ever-connected client base.

IT Services For Insurance Agencies

Systems Design and Deployment

We will design and build your customized insurance platform to meet the unique needs of your firms. Consult with our experts to understand what technologies and services your platform must incorporate and pick from a wide selection of tools to help your agency grow.

Managed Cloud Services

Ensure that operations at your law firm run efficiently using MainStreet IT Solution’s managed cloud service. Take control of your firm’s operations and optimize resources for tools and features available to clients and staff. Monitor all the firm’s storage, security, connected devices, and network devices from a single central point.

Reduce Costs with Automated Services

With the stiff competition and difficult financial times, it is crucial now more than ever that a law firm minimizes waste and automates as many of its operations as possible. Client management, emails, billing and invoicing, and collaboration and scheduling tasks are all best coordinated and monitored from a central dashboard on the cloud.

24/7 IT Support

Having an on-standby helpdesk partner is an integral part of providing a reassuring and fulfilling experience to the client in today’s insurance market. To make this possible for your insurance agency, we offer on-standby IT support that covers workstations, apps and tools, network security, servers, and anything else that might hamper service delivery at your firm. MainStreet stands out for its expert, transparent, and personal helpdesk support that nurtures an environment of quick issue resolution.

Our IT Services Benefits to Insurance Agencies

MainStreet offers a wide range of IT services that come with performance guarantees. The tailor-made on-site and remote services will benefit your firm in many ways, including:

  • Save money with low-cost, no-downtime IT services and infrastructure. Our services come with a service uptime guarantee and optional disaster recovery tools that ensure your firm’s services are always online.
  • Sit with our experts and design a scalable IT system that best accommodates your firm’s growth prospects. We provide consultation on quantifying scalable factors such as human resources, equipment, and coordination in your firm.
  • Enjoy proactive cybersecurity and local security. MainStreet IT Solutions offers cutting-edge security tools that focus on preventing network and data issues rather than react to threats.
  • Law firms handle very sensitive personal, corporate and personal data. They are required to meet a litany of data privacy and security regulations for this reason. MainStreet IT Solutions helps firms meet all the requirements and overcome the complexities of auditing.

Why Choose MainStreet Solutions?

If you are ready to take the operations of your law firm to the next level, we can guide you through setting up the IT infrastructure and integrating all the tools and systems you already use. MainStreet IT Solutions offers you a 30-day no-questions-asked guarantee if for any reason you are dissatisfied with our services. Contact us today.

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