IT Services For Manufacturing

Time is money, more so in the manufacturing industries. Manufacturers often have to put many independent pieces and parts of equipment together, and the chances of something going wrong are high. This is on top of the many reasons why small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses need a reliable IT services provider.

MainStreet is a specialist IT provider dedicated to ensuring the smooth operations of your business. We have satisfied thousands of clients over the years and strive to help even more manufacturers meet their entrepreneurial objectives. With quality and dependable IT services, we believe that upcoming manufacturers can focus on their core mandate and deliver to their customers.

Here is how MainStreet IT Solutions can help your manufacturing firm overcome operational challenges and succeed.

IT Services Manufacturing

3rd Party Vendor Management

Every manufacturing company has to transact and interact with third-party vendors. In many cases, the manufacturing company has to grant these contractors access to the organization network to enable seamless operations. These companies may have access to sensitive corporate data, including company secrets, employee rosters, customer data, and even financial records. MainStreet offers a seamless and safe way for a manufacturing company to interact with third-party vendors. We do the hard work so you can focus on manufacturing.

Legacy System Management

One of the main reasons manufacturers are so slow in adopting new technologies is because they have so much invested in their legacy systems. Companies that use old systems that work are the least likely to be the first to migrate their systems. As times change, this will be necessary. MainStreet helps manufacturers using legacy systems develop in-house software to assist in manufacturing or adopt new commercial systems. We can be instrumental in keeping the old systems working and connected while helping your business migrate to new technologies.

Streamlined Process Development

There are at least five stages of new product development, each of which is equally critical to the entire process. As manufacturers strive to cut costs and streamline product development, they need a professional company to make sure the technology behind the process works. From the first phase of ideation through screening, concept development, and product development, MainStreet will help your company when and how to get a product to market. We will advise and assist your company turn an idea into a commercial product by implementing protocols and strategies on the development roadmap.

Cost-Effective Call Center Services

Customer service is a direct product of order fulfillment and order management in the manufacturing industry. To provide optimal customer services, manufacturing companies must capitalize on the huge potential of direct customer interfacing. MainStreet can help your manufacturing company meet delivery deadlines, flexibly handle orders, and customize customer requirements. We will also set up a 24/7/365 Customer Call Center optimized to deliver cost-effective services customized to your specific business.

30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee

Your manufacturing company is a powerful system that adds value to raw materials. You cannot afford to take chances on its management or maintenance. MainStreet’s IT services integrate into your company’s daily operations to cut costs and improve productivity. Because of this, we back our services up with a 30-day no-questions-asked guarantee. Get in touch with us.

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