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IT engineers solve problems; they don’t just fix them. Fixing an IT problem involves resetting a password or adding more RAM. Solving an IT problem means identifying the business problem to be solved before designing a solution. For example, resetting a password is an easy fix. The user calls IT, and someone resets the password, which is the process many organizations follow.

Manually resetting passwords may fix the immediate problem; however, it is a time-consuming response because password resets reduce productivity, consume critical IT resources, and disrupt end-user operations. In addition, the fix may have created another problem.

That’s how automated password reset software came to be. Instead of focusing on the fix, engineers identified the business problem to be solved –the loss of productivity. With an automated solution, users could reset passwords quickly without IT involvement, reducing the impact on productivity across the enterprise. That’s why every business needs an IT engineer.

IT Engineering Services

What is an IT Engineer?

IT engineers are experienced professionals who design, install, and maintain a company’s technology. That process may require configuring, testing and troubleshooting software and hardware that makes up an organization’s network. It also involves understanding the business objectives that technology should address.

IT engineers use technical solutions to meet the changing needs of the business environment. They have a comprehensive understanding of computer hardware, operating systems, and programming languages. They know the complexities of cloud and on-premise enterprises using local and wireless networks. They are familiar with security and database management. Beyond their technical skills, the best IT engineers have experience in managing projects, understanding business objectives, and communicating at all levels of an organization.

What Makes a Good IT Engineer?

Understanding technology is not the only skill an IT engineer needs. They must also possess the knowledge of how technology can advance business strategies. This means balancing the big picture with key details to deliver a solution that supports a customer-first approach.

They Ask the Right Questions

Engineers ask questions. They’ll ask technical questions about network performance or unexpected downtime, but they should also ask about business goals and even budget constraints. If IT engineers do not ask business-related questions, it’s difficult to deliver technical solutions that support business strategies.

For example, hardware changes can ripple through an infrastructure, leading to unexpected downtime. By asking the right questions, IT personnel can learn the best off-peak hours to replace hardware to minimize potential downtime.

They Pay Attention to Details

The details can make or break a project. No one knows that better than IT engineers. A seasoned veteran knows to sweat the small stuff without jeopardizing deadlines or quality.  With experience, IT professionals learn how to balance the details against the bigger picture because they ask the right questions. They also know that addressing every possible scenario is an impossibility if a project is to meet its deadline.

They Communicate Solutions

Not every IT person only speaks “geek.” IT professionals learn to communicate with executives as well as cybersecurity specialists. They know the importance of everyone being on the same page when it comes to managing projects. Without clear lines of communication, projects can go sideways quickly.

They Provide Support

IT engineers provide support during and after a project. Technology solutions are designed to work 24/7, which means businesses need access to support whenever there is an issue. For example, they can’t wait until morning to block a cyberattack. IT professionals ensure that ongoing support is available.

They Manage Projects

Project management is an essential part of any IT professional’s skill set. Whether deploying a single software application or redesigning a corporate-wide network, engineers see how the pieces fit together. Then, they use that knowledge to create a plan that allows team members to use their skills effectively.

They Have Experience

Today’s technical landscape encompasses cloud infrastructures, on-premise and data center configurations. It even involves hybrid configurations, which present challenges for performance and security. Engineers have experience in the critical areas of technology infrastructure. They use that experience along with their technical skills to design solutions that meet the demands of a digital-first culture.

They Have Technical Knowledge

Good IT engineers have technical skills that go beyond fixing a problem. They have the technical knowledge to maintain a full network of hardware, software, and services. They are life-long learners who stay up-to-date on best practices from cybersecurity to network hygiene. They have programming skills and understand database processing. Most importantly, they understand limitations.

They See the Big Picture

Combining technical knowledge, common sense, and business insights results in what is called “the big picture.” When engineers see the overarching business needs, they can quickly determine possible solutions and put them in the context of an organization’s goals. Being able to maintain the big picture while working through the details minimizes the chances of getting lost in the weeds.

How Do You Find the Right IT Engineer?

Trying to find an IT engineer is almost impossible. Not only are they in short supply, but they demand a high salary. If your organization doesn’t need full-time engineers but could benefit from their expertise, consider using a managed service provider (MSP). As an established MSP, MainStreet IT Solutions becomes your company’s partner in delivering IT solutions.

You may be looking for cybersecurity assistance or network management. Maybe, you are looking at moving to the cloud but are concerned about on-premise operations. Responding to internal questions on application operations or troubleshooting can take up IT resources. At MainStreet, we can provide HelpDesk support and suggest solutions to automate those reset password requests!

With MainStreet IT Solutions, companies in south-central PA can receive:

  • System monitoring to detect and prevent issues that can result in costly downtime
  • Virtualization and workstation management
  • Ransomware solutions for cybersecurity

No matter your needs, MainStreet has the resources to meet your needs. When it comes to delivering IT engineering services in south-central PA, our engineers share the qualities of the best in the business. Contact us to set up an appointment.

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