Desktop Support & Workstation Management

Technology drives every facet of business productivity today. It is accurate to say that a business highly invested in the latest technologies and processes has a greater chance of succeeding than another sticking to age-old business methods. With the advancement of technology also comes options – different operating systems, devices, and platforms.

Your business would need desktop support and workstation management to keep everything up to date across the board and help every staff member make the most of their desktop or workstations.

MainStreet IT Solutions is a specialist in ensuring that all departments, branches, and stations of your business are in sync. We maintain the system software on your hardware and help your business configure its IT environment with greater ease.

Computer Desktop Management

Desktop and Workstation Support

When an employee has issues with sending an email, and the company portal is down, to whom do they turn? As a specialist managed IT Services provider, MainStreet looks to fill this gap in your organization. We will give the management, IT department, and staff peace of mind knowing that we are a call away to resolve any desktop or workstation trouble. We guarantee a fast turnaround and complete situation troubleshooting and resolution in under an hour.

Software Installation and App Integration

In this age of remote work and BYOD, employers may not always dictate which specific devices staff can use to access the company network. Therefore, to make it easier, MainStreet offers software and app integration to enable all devices to access business resources with greater ease. Our focus is not only on performance but also on the security of business data, services, and networks.

Hardware Installation and Maintenance

Contrary to what most new entrepreneurs believe, buying software is not a one-time event but an ongoing process. A business looking to streamline its operations and remain competitive as they scale need similarly agile software and a professional to manage it. MainStreet is the most dependable partner to help you shop for and maintain the latest and newest hardware to maximize business productivity.

Configuration Management

Configuration management is a complex engineering process that we use to maintain a consistent service or product performance. Our management priorities lie in the functionality and performance of business resources. MainStreet IT Solutions ensures that you get the right design, specifications, and operation information of a resource at all times.

Patch Management

Proactive system maintenance and security demand immediate patching of software whenever a vulnerability is discovered. MainStreet IT Solutions takes data and system security very seriously because we know what is at stake. Our clients appreciate our approach to rolling out security patches such as Automated Windows Updates and patches to third-party applications. This ensures that all servers, desktops, workstations, and network are performing optimally at all times.

Hardware as a Service

It is no longer profitable for a small business to invest a greater part of its capital purchasing hardware that could prove insufficient in two to five years. The latest trend is to look for a cost-efficient way to use hardware – even if it means subscribing for them at a small monthly price. Talk to MainStreet today to discover our HaaS plans structured to meet the needs and budgets of any SME.

Ready to find out the details about our desktop support and workstation management services? You can try them for free for a month. We offer a 30-day no-questions-asked guarantee. If you are not happy at the end of it, you can cancel the deal and end the relationship.

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