Cybersecurity Evaluations For Central PA Businesses

As cyber-threats continue to evolve worldwide, businesses in Central Pennsylvania need to do more to secure their crucial data. An in-depth cybersecurity evaluation of your environment is an effective way to scale down the myriads of risks and cybersecurity challenges facing your organization today. Cybersecurity evaluations also help organizations and businesses comply with the ever-changing IT security regulations and requirements from various compliance and regulatory bodies.

If you are considering cybersecurity evaluation for your business, it is crucial that you partner with the right cybersecurity MSP with top-notch technologies and up-to-date knowledge of the current threats facing your IT environment. Mainstreet IT solutions provide comprehensive cybersecurity evaluations for businesses and organizations throughout the Central Pennsylvania area.

What Are Cybersecurity Evaluations?

A cybersecurity evaluation is a comprehensive analysis and review of the entire IT infrastructure to determine the existing vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit. The main goal of a cybersecurity evaluation process is to detect threats and find weak links, including high risks practices that could expose the business to a range of threats. The evaluation ensures a 360-degree in-depth audit of your organization’s security posture and may encompass the following: data security, operation security, network security, system security, and physical security.

The Scope of Our Cyber Evaluation Process

As mentioned earlier, cybersecurity evaluation involves five key areas. Let us take an in-depth look at each of them:

Data Security

Data security is undeniably the most crucial area to focus on when analyzing the security posture of your business. This process involves a review of network access control, encryption use, data security at rest, and transmission. The experts from Mainstreet IT Solutions are ready to undertake a comprehensive review of your entire data security infrastructure to help identify weaknesses and take the necessary remediation.

Network Security

Your networks are undoubtedly the most crucial infrastructure in your business. Our network security audit involves a comprehensive review of the existing network and security controls. We will also configure your antivirus and antimalware systems and optimize the security monitoring services and tools that you are implementing in your business. Whether you are leveraging your own servers or using remote services, it is important to review your networks periodically to guarantee their robustness.

Operational Security

A common mistake that most small and medium-sized businesses make is to assume cybercriminals target only the larger organizations. However, hackers are targeting more and smaller businesses today because they find them easy targets. The main goal of operational security evaluation is to guarantee all businesses of all sizes have formidable security that supports and secures their operations. Our operational security experts will review all the security policies, procedures, and controls that your organization is implementing to determine the level of protection they are providing.

System Security

This review focuses on all hardware-related services and tools. It covers role-based access, patching processes, privileged user account policies, and more. Our experts will also update system software and patch any existing vulnerabilities.

Physical Security

Physical security is another crucial area to focus on. During this process, our experts will review multi-factor authentication, biometric data, role-based access controls, and disk encryption. The review may also cover the safety of your physical systems and devices. Once we are through with the review process, our team will provide a comprehensive report covering the following physical concerns:

  • Covering role-based physical access controls
  • Biometric data
  • Multifactor authentication
  • Disk encryption

The Types of Cybersecurity Evaluations Offered by Mainstreet IT Solutions

Mainstreet IT Solutions offers two primary types of cybersecurity evaluations: Internal and External cybersecurity evaluations. Both audits follow an established evaluation process that ensures you get a full view of your cybersecurity posture at the end of the process. Whether you prefer internal or external evaluation, our experts will conduct the evaluation under the following steps:

Step 1: Defining the Scope of the Audit

The first step involves defining the specific areas that the evaluation will cover. Our experts will define the scope of the audit by listing all your valuable assets, including data and computer equipment.

Step 2: Sharing Cybersecurity Information and Resource

During this step, our cybersecurity experts will connect with your subject-matter expert to gain a complete view of your cyber management procedures. Before an audit begins, ensure you introduce the point of contact person they will be required to talk to from time to time.

Step 3: Auditing Relevant Compliance Standards

Our experts will review the compliance standards requirements that apply to your specific business and industry. We will then provide a comprehensive report that gives you a clear understanding of the compliance regulations and how to meet the standards.

Step 4: Analyzing Network Structure

The next step involves analyzing and detailing your network architecture to determine any existing security gaps in the network. The process may include a comprehensive vulnerability assessment, analysis of security edges, and defining how your assets link to each other when communicating.

Step 5: A Review of Risks and Vulnerabilities

Our experts will move step by step from one system or device to another to get a comprehensive view of your business technologies and possible vulnerabilities. We leverage top-notch tools and technologies to evaluate any possible threats in each system and device.

Step 6: Performance Management and Evaluation of Existing Risks

Mainstreet IT Solutions will provide a comprehensive list of potential risks and vulnerabilities existing in your systems and networks. We will take time to evaluate the performance of the current systems that each of your departments leverages. Our experts will then suggest the best proactive security actions based on our findings.

Step 7: Prioritization of Risks and Responses

The last step in our cybersecurity audit involves analyzing any potential risks and determining how to respond to these risks. We will review and update your cybersecurity response policies and create a system that prioritizes threats based on their severity and potential damages.

Outsource Your Cybersecurity Evaluations to Mainstreet IT Solutions

To get better value from your cybersecurity evaluations, you must partner with the right auditing company. Outsourcing security evaluations to Mainstreet IT Solutions has significant value. Our experts provide comprehensive cybersecurity evaluation solutions that are customized to fit your business’ nature, size, industry, and unique requirements. We leverage cutting-edge technologies and multiple advanced security tools to undertake comprehensive auditing that secures your data and business from a range of attacks. We take pride in helping small to medium-sized businesses in central PA solve typical IT problems and maximize their IT investment. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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