Cybersecurity Audits

We live at a time when every company relies on digital information and networking devices to run. As the reliance on technology increases, so does the need to secure the devices from criminals and unintended disruptions. It is also critical that a professional company with up-to-date information on the workings of cybersecurity is involved in formulating a company’s IT infrastructure and security policies.

You can trust Mainstreet IT Solutions to provide a comprehensive review and analysis of your business’s IT infrastructure and security. We believe that regular, thorough analysis of the IT system should be at the core of every business’s cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity audits play an important role in identifying infrastructural and performance challenges and risks that your business faces or may face in the future. A full audit is never a simple scan, but it is the first step to finding security loopholes early enough before the bad guys find them.

Cybersecurity Audits

Scope of Our Cybersecurity Auditing Process

Here are the five areas our cybersecurity auditing process covers:

1. Data Security

Data security is possibly the most critical area to focus on when analyzing the security status of a business. Mainstreet IT Solutions will review your network devices and access control policies, the encryption your system uses, and every detail of data transmission and storage.

2. Network Security

Whether you run your own servers or hire remote services, your business needs servers to have a robust network. Our audit will involve:

  • The review of network and security controls.
  • Configuring antivirus and antimalware systems.
  • Streamlining any security monitoring services the business uses.

3. Operational Security

Few small and medium-sized businesses recognize the importance of formidable operational security because they run small operations. However, it is important to make it a habit to review the security policies of the administration services and revise and update procedures and controls.

4. System Security

In this step, we will review all the hardware-related services and tools, update system software and patch any vulnerabilities. Our technicians will also review role-based access to the system and privileged user account policies depending on the system you use.

5. Physical Security

A comprehensive cybersecurity audit also includes a review of the safety of physical systems and devices. Our security review will create a report covering role-based physical access controls and biometric data, multi-factor authentication, and disk encryption, among other physical concerns.

Mainstreet IT Solution’s Process of Cybersecurity Auditing

Mainstreet IT Solutions offers two types of cybersecurity audits: Internal and External. However, both audits follow the same proven and comprehensive auditing process that ensures a complete report at the end of the exercise. Here is the seven-step cybersecurity auditing process we use.

Step 1: Defining Your Business’ Cybersecurity Audit 

Before we do anything, we will first try to understand and define your business’s cybersecurity audit scope. We will create an exhaustive list of all your assets, including computer equipment and sensitive data, to define the segments and security parameters.

Step 2: Sharing Cybersecurity Information and Resources

In this step, our cybersecurity expert will connect with your IT department or any other contact. Our auditors will show up with tools and interview staff regarding security matters, and compile all the essential cybersecurity policies.

Step 3: Auditing Compliance Standards

Different industries and businesses in different locations have different cybersecurity compliance standards. Mainstreet IT ensures that your business is compliant with all the applicable industry standards.

Step 4: Detailing the Network Structure

Analyzing and detailing network architecture is a major step towards discovering any security gaps in the network. Our technicians will carry out vulnerability assessment, analyze security edges, and define how all assets are linked and how they communicate.

Step 5: Analyzing Risks and Vulnerabilities

The right way to analyze the security of a system is to move step by step from one system or device to another. Mainstreet IT Solutions understands business technologies and their possible vulnerabilities. We will take the time to assess the possibility of breaching each system or device and compile potential motivation for such attacks.

Step 6: Performance Management and Assessing Current Risks

Getting a list of potential risks and vulnerabilities in a system is an essential security step. We will evaluate the performance of the current systems – both software and software – at the department, branch, and company-wide levels. We will then be best placed to recommend the best proactive security measures based on risks analyzed.

Step 7: Prioritization of Risks and Responses

The final step in Mainstreet IT Solutions’ cybersecurity audit is analyzing potential risks and identifying the most probable and how to respond to them. We will help the client revise their company cybersecurity response policies and set up a system to prioritize threats based on potential damages.

Why Choose Mainstreet IT Solutions?

Mainstreet IT Solutions offers a comprehensive cybersecurity audit service tailored to your business’s nature, size, industry, and specific requirements. We understand that cybersecurity auditing is not a one-time event but an ongoing process. We use multiple advanced security tools to carry out in-depth auditing to ensure that you secure your data and business.

Our team of cybersecurity experts has years of experience in helping small to medium-sized businesses thrive in the digital world. As a one-stop-shop for all cybersecurity auditing and services, we promise you:

  • Enterprise-level cybersecurity auditing that includes security policies and procedures
  • Comparing your current security system against industry standards
  • Vulnerability scanning for internal and external systems
  • Network penetration testing
  • Business logic testing and logic vulnerability checking
  • Malware monitoring and ransomware protection

Take the Next Step

When was your business’s last comprehensive cybersecurity audit? If it has been a year or longer, another auditing is long overdue. Cyberspace is filled with threats and risks, particularly to small to medium-sized businesses still establishing their online presence.

No matter your budget or industry, proper auditing is essential to helping your business identify vulnerabilities, seal the gaps, and prepare for the likelihood of any cyberattacks. We offer you a 30-day no-questions-asked guarantee on an extensive range of cloud services for businesses, including cybersecurity auditing. Contact Mainstreet IT Solutions today to take the next step in securing your business.

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