IT Solutions In South Central Pennsylvania

Mainstreet IT Solutions is on a mission to bring world-class IT solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in South Central, PA. For over a decade, we have endeavored to help entrepreneurs make the right investments in technology and decisions so that they can focus on growing their businesses. We are proud of the high client satisfaction response we get from our clients, and we are always ready to go above and beyond to ensure their problems are solved and IT-related bottlenecks eliminated.

IT Solutions South Central Pennsylvania

Community Oriented

MainStreet started as a community-oriented service provider. The company was founded out of the need to help upcoming and existing small businesses in PA embrace technology affordably and practically.

MainStreet initially provided technical expertise and IT consultancy to SMB and enterprise companies. The aim was to help them get the technology they needed to operate at minimal costs and hassle. Today, the company has grown to offer unrivaled IT consultancy and IT support services to hundreds of South Central PA companies seeking to invest in the latest commercial technologies.

High Client Satisfaction

Our go-to approach to understanding our customers and what they need is measuring their satisfaction with our services. We know that customer satisfaction bears a clear and quantifiable effect on the ultimate performance of a company.

MainStreet boasts of a high level of customer satisfaction that is largely responsible for the great returns we generate. We have a team of dedicated and passionate technicians, and IT support experts who go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction in every task they undertake.

On-Site and Remote Support

IT support services are vital to every business model today as they encompass tasks that range from standard computer-related hitches to addressing redundancies in company-specific software. Businesses need to have a stand-by IT specialist ready to jump in and resolve any problems that may affect the normal running of the business. MainStreet offers its clients 24/7 online remote support as well as dependable and highly responsive on-site IT support services.

Friendly & Proactive Team

MainStreet has invested in the proactive resolution of IT-related problems. While involving and highly resource-intensive, this approach has helped our clients avert potential issues that our service foresaw, and a solution implemented proactively. Our greatest assets at MainStreet are our passionate and approachable technical staff, who are more of a family than a team. Whatever IT concerns a client has, a friendly team member will always be on call to offer a resolution.

30-Day No Questions Asked Guarantee

When you choose MainStreet, you choose more than a service provider; you get an IT partner that will be just as dedicated to the success of your business as you are. Therefore, to make sure you made the right choice, we offer a 30-day no-questions-asked guarantee to enable you to try our services. If you are not happy within the first 30 days of the relationship, you can walk away, with no strings attached. Are you looking for cutting-edge technology and IT support services from an experienced partner? Contact MainStreet IT Solutions today to find out how we can elevate the operations of your business.


Meet Lonnie Martin
Owner Mainstreet IT Solutions

IT Services South Central PennsylvaniaLonnie has over 30 years of experience working in the computer services and networking industry. For over 25 years, he worked in the corporate IT space – serving both small and large companies. His corporate IT world experience inspired him to make the skills and experience he accumulated available for small to medium-sized businesses in South Central PA, struggling to adopt new technologies and methods.

His most notable skills and contributions to the business include business management and the technical IT experience he gathered while working for enterprise companies and various SMBs. Lonnie is presently the guide and team leader of the MainStreet IT Solutions Team.



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