Servers & Virtualization

Owning a server can be highly beneficial to a business. It allows it to control the number of users or computers accessing resources and offers a level of compliance and business continuity. Servers are naturally powerful computers with large storage space and fast processors. Because they are capable of completing complex tasks fast, they are quickly becoming a must-have business investment.

However, servers are costly – both in buying price and the cost of space and maintenance. A cheaper, more cost-efficient solution that modern businesses can use is server virtualization. Virtualization is a process by which sophisticated software is used to partition a large physical server into smaller ‘virtual servers.’ This is a modern-day service that enables businesses to maximize their hardware and software resources while paying only a fraction of the cost.

Servers and Virtualization

Virtual vs Physical Servers: Get Budget-Conscious Advice

There are many benefits to a business investing in a physical server, but it also has its downside like everything else. SMEs that are at a loss on whether to go virtual or physical server service may need expert assistance to make the right investment. This is typically based on the state of their IT resources, area of expertise or industry, and budget. If you are unsure whether virtualization or real servers is ideal for your business, talk to us today, and we will offer personalized guidance that will save you time, money, and effort.

Business Performance Analysis

You must understand your business requirements and operations inside out to become a successful entrepreneur. Many SME entrepreneurs often realize a bit too late that the best server virtualization vendor can also provide invaluable tools to understand data, applications, and business processes. MainStreet offers your business virtual servers to meet its operational requirements and budget. Our virtualization service is critical to helping you assess and improve your business’ health and operations.

Recovery and Business Continuity

Virtualization servers are off-site installations. Businesses that choose virtual servers over physical servers have a great advantage when preparing for potential disasters. Our virtual server service comes with an appropriate risk-mitigation system that will considerably minimize the effects of an attack or data loss. We will help you boost your company’s ability to tolerate hackers and malware and continue to run with minimal interruption in the event of service unavailability.

Enjoy All the Pros of Computing with Local Servers

While virtual servers are great for new and upcoming businesses, those ready to future-proof their services and investments often go for installing their own physical servers. A physical server grants a business team full access to dedicated server resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The uptime and performance guarantee of having a physical business server is highly beneficial in moments when computing power demand is high or when the business is carrying out critical operations.

Full Server Customization and Integration

A business does not need to lose all its corporate software and hardware investment because they are upgrading from one type of server to another. When hiring a hosting or server installation vendor, it is crucial to determine how far their set-up services go. The best vendors, like MainStreet, will go the extra mile to ensure all your current systems and services are updated and integrated into the new server platform. We can also help your business consolidate its servers to boost workload efficiency.

30-Day Free No-Obligation Trial

MainStreet is a team of enthusiastic technology technicians who take pride in helping businesses in South Central adopt better technologies more at friendly prices. We back our service with a free 30-day no-questions-asked guarantee for our servers and server virtualization consultancy. If we do not meet your expectations in the first 30 days of the service, you can walk away with no obligation. Contact us today.

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