Professional Fortinet Support in Central Pennsylvania

Central Pennsylvania businesses are highly dependent on data to thrive and succeed. Unfortunately, keeping this data safe and easily accessible is quite challenging due to the rising wave of cyberattacks fueled by the remote working model. If your Central Pennsylvania business leverages a cloud IT environment, you need more than a typical firewall to secure your crucial data from increasingly sophisticated forms of cyber threats.

Essentially, you need a more robust Fortinet FortiGate Firewall Service that secures your cloud computing and hybrid networks adequately, so you can maximize the benefits of modern IT. Mainstreet IT Solutions provides reliable Fortinet Support in Central Pennsylvania that leverages purpose-built security processors from Fortinet. We offer robust, managed, and monitored firewall solutions encompassing several components such as antivirus, antispam, web content filtering, IPs, site-to-site VPNs, DHCP, NAT, and more.

What Is Fortinet Firewall?

Fortinet is a mid-range next-generation firewall that provides top-notch performance, unmatched visibility, and multi-layered, robust security to help organizations protect their IT environments. The firewalls come with uniquely designed security processors that deliver the industry’s best-in-class threat protection and performance for a range of SSL-encrypted traffic. The devices have an unmatched ability to quickly detect threats, thus ensuring organizations are adequately protected from a range of typical forms of cybercrimes such as Ransomware encrypted malware, malicious websites, and botnets, among many others.

Benefits Of Fortinet Firewall For Organizations In Central Pennsylvania

Fortinet provides cost-effective firewall solutions to all sizes of companies in Central Pennsylvania. Some of the benefits that the Fortinet FortiGate Firewall provides include:

  • Reliability: Fortinet Firewall is a robust malware scanner that provides your security team with detailed information about your IT environment in real-time. The program doesn’t interfere with data transmission, thus helping you fine-tune your network operations whenever a need arises.
  • User friendly: Despite its technical competence, this firewall is easy to download, install and operate whether you are leveraging it as a hardware firewall or a cloud security layer.
  • Highly compatible: One of the biggest features of the Fortinet Firewall is that it supports not only Windows versions but also can be easily installed on MacOS and Linux. It can also be implemented in the cloud or on-premises.
  • Remote access: Fortinet firewall provides secure remote access that allows your users to be part of your company’s network and applications from anywhere in the world.
  • Unified threat management: Fortinet’s next-generation firewall combines the best of security to guarantee reliable protection, central control of all user activity, and end-to-end visibility. Additionally, this solution can inspect encrypted and clear tested traffic in real-time without impacting the performance of your networks.

Mainstreet IT’s Fortinet Support For Central Pennsylvania Business

As a certified expert-level Fortinet MSSP partner, Mainstreet IT Solutions can build new services on Fortinet products designed to gather the specific requirements of your business. This includes tailor-made solutions for cloud migrations, security in the cloud, and protection for enterprise and service IT infrastructures, and more. We have an extensive portfolio of cybersecurity solutions designed to adequately protect your IT environments from a range of cyber threats.

These include but are not limited to:

24×7 Management of Complex Fortinet Firewall Security Infrastructures

At Mainstreet IT Solutions, we understand that your organization can maximize the benefits of that Fortinet firewall by allowing a team of knowledgeable experts to manage the security infrastructure. Our team of highly experienced cybersecurity experts will work as a trusted part of your internal team. Whether you need a full-time managed security solution or a call-in expert advisor, Mainstreet IT Solutions provides the right solution to complement your internal team. We provide managed security services for any brand of security device you are leveraging in your IT environment.

Cybersecurity Consulting

With the ever-growing cyber-attacks and data breaches, having an expert cybersecurity advisor in your corner can help reduce the risk of becoming a target. Mainstreet IT Solutions is a trusted security advisor for several organizations and businesses in central Pennsylvania. Our seasoned security experts provide a full spectrum of IT security consultancy services to Central Pennsylvania’s largest and most sensitive businesses and high-profile individuals. We work from your business’s unique risk standpoint to provide a trusted, objective, and independent advisory approach, so you get effective strategies and advice in a language that you understand. Our team of cybersecurity consultancy experts is committed to helping you maximize the huge benefit that Fortinet firewall provides.

Security Testing and Compliance

One of the effective methods to stay ahead of the ever-evolving cyber threats is by getting a clear understanding of the specific threats that face your organization and how effective your defenses are in responding to the attacks. Mainstreet IT Solutions provides third-party security services designed to uncover potential vulnerabilities in your system that could lead to massive data breaches. Our security pen testing solutions are designed to help you remediate vulnerabilities before real intruders exploit them. Some of the solutions that we provide include:

  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Penetration testing
  • Application and security testing
  • Physical Security and Network
  • Security risk assessments

Emergency Incident Response

Cybercrimes are getting more and more sophisticated both in nature and level attacks. A new trend in today’s cybercrime scene is for one attack to act as a smokescreen for another. Recognizing there has been an attack is key to containing further damage and nullifying other threats on the pipeline. Notably, not all attacks can be prevented. The rising cases of attacks mean you need a well-thought-out cyber incidence response plan and a well-resourced cyber incident response team who can respond promptly when needed.

Partnering with Mainstreet IT Solutions ensures you have a reliable standby emergency response support team to assess your IT environment and prevent further attacks. Our team of highly experienced cybersecurity professionals will conduct comprehensive investigations of each incident to determine the specific vulnerabilities that allowed them to happen. We will also implement a range of containment measures of any threats that could still exist.

Get Professional Fortinet Support In Central PA Today

If you need a serious firewall for your IT environment, you can always rely on Fortinet Firewall Service designed to make sure you get just what you need to be secure. As a Fortinet certified partner, Mainstreet IT Solutions leverages vast experience and top-notch tools to keep you safe and ensure hackers don’t get access to any sensitive data.

With the ever-rising data breaches that hit the headlines daily, you can turn to Fortinet FortiGate firewall security with support from Mainstreet IT Solutions to reassure you that their sensitive data is safe within your business environment. Contact us today to learn more about our Fortinet support for central Pennsylvania organizations and businesses.

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