All You Need To Know About Next-Generation Firewalls

Next-Generation Firewalls offer plenty of unique benefits to small as well as medium-sized companies.

All You Need To Know About Next-Generation Firewalls By MainStreet IT Solutions

As a small business owner, you need to ensure that hackers don’t target your business operations. One of the best ways to protect the assets and sensitive information of your company from hackers is by using next-generation firewalls. Being an advanced version of firewalls, the next-generation firewalls offer plenty of benefits to the company. When you have a robust and strong protection system in your company, you can rest assured that it is protected from cybersecurity attacks. The filtering functions of the third generation of firewall technology are capable of blocking malware from invading a particular network. If your company is looking for a pocket-friendly solution that can improve security without burning a hole in your pocket, all you need to do is choose NGFWs.

Next-Generation Firewalls

Next-Generation Firewalls Offers Extra Security Solutions

Next-Generation Firewalls offer plenty of unique benefits to small as well as medium-sized companies. When compared to traditional firewalls, NGFWs offer extra features that can even address Advanced Persistent Threats. Installing a robust protection system like Cisco’s integrated security products will benefit the harsh environment. Aside from the integrated products, Cisco offers premium support along with simple integrated dashboards. Before you add any of the security solutions in your business, you first need to analyze the importance as well as benefits of the system. Aside from offering companies and businesses a powerful and robust stateful firewall, it offers malware and threat protection too.

Importance of Next-Generation Firewalls for Your Business

When it comes to dealing with network threats, it’s quite important to include the right Internet threat protection in your business. This is why many businesses are choosing next-generation firewalls to enhance their security solutions. With the increasing number of cyber theft cases, the cyber threat landscape is becoming more and more complex. One of the best ways to deal, manage as well as avoid these cyber threats is by choosing the extra layer of security – Next-Generation Firewalls. By adding the right security solution to your business, you can rest assured that it is protected against ransomware and malware attacks. Let’s have a look at the top advantages offered by next-generation firewalls.

1. Added Level of Security 

The third generation of firewall technology, next-generation firewalls, offers an added level of security that can help you to enhance packet-content filtering. The two most important detection systems – IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) ensure that you get a high level of security in your business system. These special features will not only help you to identify and analyze the intrusion but also act against it to ensure that your system isn’t affected.

2. Single Console Access 

Another big benefit of the new generation firewall is that you can access it from a single console. It is completely opposite to the case of traditional firewalls, where the firewall configuration was executed manually. The single console access of the next-generation firewall will help you to avoid extra hassle and manage your business effectively.

3. Simple Infrastructure 

If you’re fed up with the complex security infrastructure and wish to have an easy way to manage cyber threats, all you need to do is choose the next-generation firewall. Coming with simplified infrastructure, this new firewall can help you to save valuable time in dealing with day to day errands of your business. Moreover, the simple infrastructure will help you in managing as well as updating the security protocols from one device.

4. Constant Potential Throughput 

When the security protocols as well as devices in the traditional system of firewall increases, the network speed decreases to a large extent. The reason is that the more the number of security devices, the fewer chances are to have a dedicated speed. But this isn’t the case with next-generation firewalls. No matter what the number of security protocols or devices is, you will get high and dedicated speed throughout the task.

5. Multi-Layered Protection 

With the constant evolution of data architecture and increasing complexities of the attacks, the traditional firewalls prove insignificant. This is where the NGFWs come into the large picture. It inspects traffic ranging from layer 2 to layer 7 to understand the nature of data transfer. Thus, the multi-layered protection of NGFWs will allow the data transfer only if it maintains the strict standards of safety. If the data isn’t according to the firewall policy, the data will be blocked to safeguard your network from unwanted attacks.

Why Do Businesses Need Next Generation Firewalls?

There is no doubt that traditional firewalls can prevent attacks and can protect the incoming as well as outgoing network traffic. But this isn’t enough when it comes to protecting your system from a high level and advanced breaches. With the aforementioned features, next-generation firewalls have become one of the most powerful tools to protect your system network. To get the best benefits from the advanced protection system, you need to evaluate your needs and choose the right NGFW provider. Some of the most important features you need to look for include:

  • Speedy detection time to ensure that data breaches don’t affect your system
  • Flexible deployment, as well as management options, are available
  • Breach prevention
  • Advanced security features
  • Automation as well as product integration
  • High network visibility

Being a reputable and reliable IT service provider, MainStreet IT Solutions manages multiple networks that contain firewalls from different reliable vendors. Some of the top picks that we prefer include SonicWALL, Fortinet, Watchguard, and Sophos. All of these next-generation firewalls come with their own benefits. Some may offer you extra security features, while others, like Fortinet, offer additional reporting tools.

Looking for Network Firewall Management Services? Contact MainStreet IT Solutions Today!

If you’re looking to upgrade your security solutions with comprehensive network firewall support, management and monitoring, look no further than MainStreet IT Solutions. We can help you develop a deep understanding of firewall management and its importance. Being your one-stop solution for managing firewalls, we strive hard to offer high quality, affordable, and at the same time reliable firewall management services. So, don’t tackle the complicated situations alone; let us help you make your business future proof and ready for success!

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