3 Strategic Reasons The Hybrid Cloud Is Right For You

Have you harnessed the power offered by the right cloud service yet? If not, you’re falling behind—just last year, the average company had 83% of their workload in the cloud.

Day by day, more and more business leaders are recognizing the advantages offered by the cloud. If you do not catch up soon, you will fall behind.

Hesitation is understandable, however, because the cloud can be extremely complicated. From the nature of the cloud to its many applications and features, you could spend weeks trying to evaluate options for your organization and still be lost.

Case in point: if you’ve been considering hosting your phone systems in the cloud using a VoIP solution, you may be having difficulty finding the right provider. Supply chain issues and more have been making the cloud market more difficult for vendors to manage.

Have you considered a hybrid cloud solution?

Hybrid Cloud

What Is A Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid clouds are a combination of private and public clouds.

In private clouds, data and applications that require tighter controls are hosted either internally or privately in an off-site facility. Meanwhile, public clouds are managed externally by third-party providers with the express purpose of reducing a company’s IT infrastructure. Similarly, multi-clouds are hybrid combinations of two or more cloud services.

Using a hybrid cloud gives you the freedom to choose which applications and resources you want to keep in the data center and which ones you want to store in the cloud. This flexibility is critical for management, cybersecurity, and compliance, along with the many other benefits offered by the cloud.

What Does The Hybrid Cloud Offer You?

  • Adaptability: Having the ability to choose between on-site or privately hosted cloud servers and public ones lets you pair the right IT solution with the right job. For example, you can use the private cloud to store sensitive files while utilizing more robust computing resources from the public cloud to run resource-intensive applications.
  • Cost Efficiency and Scalability: Does your business struggle to meet seasonal demands? With a hybrid cloud solution, you’ll be able to easily handle spikes in demand by migrating workloads from insufficient on-premises servers to scalable, pay-as-you-go cloud servers whenever needed, without incurring extra hardware and maintenance costs. So if there are last-minute computing demands that your hardware can’t support or if you’re planning for future expansion, hybrid cloud solutions allow for on-demand increases or decreases in capacity.
  • Security: Last but not least are the security advantages of a hybrid cloud solution. You can host VoIP systems, or sensitive data such as eCommerce details or an HR platform within the private cloud, where it will be protected by your security systems and kept under close watch. Meanwhile, routine forms and documents can be stored in the public cloud and protected by a trusted third party.

The main takeaway is that with a hybrid cloud solution you have control and flexibility over where your data exists. You can choose which data and systems stay on-premise and which move to the cloud. A hybrid cloud is a good fit for organizations that have a skilled IT staff who want maximum control, as well as large organizations looking to begin a move to the cloud.

Is A Hybrid Cloud Solution Right For You?

Having a hybrid cloud is the easiest way for your organization to start the move to the cloud—the growth potential is huge.

There are so many organizations that still have not moved their servers to the cloud, but it’s only a matter of time before all organizations consider the cloud as a viable way to access their data. This is going to be an even easier decision, as the connectivity becomes faster and more affordable.

All things being equal, a cloud option offers the security, reliability, accessibility to the resources, and growth potential which far outweigh what is locally available for an organization. For this reason, hybrid is a great option for many organizations now and in the future as they move more of their workloads to the cloud.

MainStreet IT Solutions Will Guide You To The Right Cloud Solution

MainStreet IT Solutions offers expert cloud consulting services and has extensive experience in helping clients harness the many benefits offered by the cloud.  No matter where you are with the cloud, our team of IT specialists can provide troubleshooting assistance or strategic advice, helping you to leverage the power of these cloud technologies to their benefit.

If you are not sure which solution is right for you or how to migrate all your workstations, we’ll walk you through the entire migration process, handling each step along the way to make sure it goes smoothly. We also offer onsite and remote support to help you resolve any sort of configuration and/or troubleshooting issues right away. If we are not able to remotely resolve the issue, we will come onsite to help you out.

Schedule a consultation with the MainStreet IT Solutions team to determine what type of cloud solution is the right fit for you.

Thanks to our friends at Pure IT for their guidance with this article.

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