The Best Fortinet Support In Central PA

Mainstreet IT Solutions provides organizations and businesses throughout Central PA with leading Fortinet Firewall support.

Fortinet Support In Central PA

There’s no denying it; Fortinet is one of the leading, if not the best, network security solutions providers in the U.S. and the world at large. Perhaps its global success is attributable to the fact that it doesn’t bias between large and small organizations when it comes to providing the best-in-class solutions.

So, if you’re a South Central Pennsylvania business looking to tap into the world-class Fortinet services, you’re right on track! But even as you look to transform and secure your network, keep in mind that acquiring the security solutions isn’t enough; they need technical support, around-the-clock monitoring, and management to perform their intended roles. And that’s where we come into play!

Mainstreet IT Solutions is a trusted Fortinet partner, and we take pride in helping South Central PA businesses protect their networks across all platforms and devices. In our capacity as reliable partners, we work closely with Fortinet to provide expert-level security support and ensure your business becomes the first to implement new Fortinet security solutions and updates.

Curious to find out more? In this section:

  • What is Fortinet?
  • What are the available Fortinet network security solutions?
  • How can your organization benefit from Fortinet solutions?
  • Why choose Mainstreet IT Solutions for your Fortinet support needs?

So let’s get this show on the road!

What is Fortinet?

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, Fortinet is an industry leader in matters of cybersecurity solutions. Founded two decades ago, the company has been developing and selling cybersecurity solutions, including but not limited to next-generation firewalls, sandbox, SD-WAN, etc. – more details below.

These security solutions are tailor-made to fortify your organization’s mobile devices, computer applications, and cloud environment. Fortinet products come with advanced security features to protect your network infrastructure against the most sophisticated cyber threats without compromising reliability.

What are the Available Fortinet Network Security Solutions?

As we alluded to above, Fortinet is rich or feature-packed security solutions your organization needs to bolster its cybersecurity posture. These include:

FortiGate Firewalls

The FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall is everything you need to shield your network against ill-intended intruders and malicious traffic. What we love the most about these firewalls is that they have multiple deployment options, making them suitable for your business-specific needs. That is, they’re optimized for the cloud, on-prem data center, internal segmentation, and small or distributed business deployments.

Plus, they come in different models, depending on the type of usage; entry-level, mid-range, and high-end firewalls. Mainstreet IT Solutions can help you decide the appropriate FortiGate Firewall model for your organization by conducting an in-depth network security assessment to determine your specific needs.

FortiWeb Firewalls

FortiWeb, or Fortinet Web Application Firewall, is your go-to solution for all your web application security needs. As you may be aware, hackers tend to target where you’re most vulnerable, and aside from endpoints, web apps also fit that vulnerability description. So it’s paramount that you acquire a top-level security solution that guarantees to optimally protect your web applications against SQL injection, DOS attacks, cross-site scripting, cookie poisoning, among other common threats.

But how exactly does FortiWeb protect your business web apps? For starters, the firewall leverages a correlation engine that connects several events from multiple security layers. That way, your network security system makes more precise decisions and acts proactively to shield your network against the most sophisticated threats. But that’s not all; FortiWeb also leverages IP reputation services to automatically filter and thwart botnets and other malicious characters long before they enter and damage your network infrastructure.

FortiMail Secure Email Gateway

Email security also isn’t left behind, as the platform is notorious for facilitating attacks like phishing, ransomware, BEP, and more. Fortinet specially developed FortiMail to provide all-around (inbound and outbound) mail protection against common threats targeting valuable company information transmitted via the platform.

Fortinet provides the email security solution as a cloud service, virtual appliance, or hardware, so you can always choose your befitting option. What’s more, FortiMail leverages advanced threat protection to guarantee optimal immunity against the most sophisticated and newest risks. That entails the support for on-board code emulation, the use of powerful threat intelligence, the provision of actionable insights, and the option to share data with FortiGuard.

FortiTrust Security Service

FortiTrust is the latest addition to Fortinet’s line of security solutions. It comes as a single user-based licensing model, facilitating flexible consumption across the cloud, endpoints, and networks. In essence, FortiTrust complements the already existing FortiGuard and Forticare for advanced protection.

Here are the two services to expect from the security solution (with more additions to follow):

  • FortiTrust Access. It enables your organization to deploy zero-trust network access (ZTNA) through a user-based licensing arrangement. ZTNA guarantees consistent protection, control, and visibility over your networks, regardless of how widely distributed they are.
  • FortiTrust Identity. As the name suggests, this FortiTrust service offers cloud-based multi-factor authentication to enhance identity verification. It also provides recommendations for controlling web app access.

How Can Your Organization Benefit from Fortinet Security Solutions?

If you’re still skeptical about going for Fortinet solutions, you might change your mind after discovering what’s in store for your organization. Here are a few benefits:

Enhanced Network Security

Fortinet has the most advanced network security tools and policies tailor-made to protect your business traffic and assets against sophisticated cyber threats. With its multi-layer approach, Fortinet guarantees to shield your applications, endpoint devices, hardware, network users, and more.

In-Depth Cloud Security

The rate at which Pennsylvania businesses are transitioning to the cloud for storage, data backup, server hosting, etc., is supersonic. But with the rapid migration comes a new risk of cyberattacks, as threat actors try to intercept sensitive data as it gets transferred to and from the cloud. Thankfully, Fortinet has got you covered with its cloud security solutions, which comprise end-to-end encryption, flagging of unauthorized network access, regulatory compliance, and more.

Intelligent Protection

Fortinet isn’t your ordinary security solution, as it leverages AI and machine learning to provide accurate review and analysis of all security events every day. Its advanced analytics and live threat monitoring capabilities also ensure that your organization receives updates about potential security breaches in real-time, inspiring the creation of intelligent strategies to combat the ever-growing cyber threats.

Why Choose Mainstreet IT Solutions for Your Fortinet Support Needs?

At Mainstreet IT Solutions, we understand how challenging it can be to manage your network security while keeping up with business-centric responsibilities. As a goal-oriented entrepreneur, it’s safe to say that you’re focused on realizing your business growth goals, and various components of your network security infrastructure may just be too complex or steal your valuable time.

For those reasons, our highly trained Fortinet experts are more than ready to bring their overflowing expertise and help provide the best network support through select Fortinet products. We take time to assess your network infrastructure, hardware, software, and applications to help determine which Fortinet solutions can best serve your business needs. We also provide ongoing support to ensure that your network is secure and always operates optimally.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Mainstreet IT Solutions for the best Fortinet support!

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