In 2019, a survey of employees found that 81% felt they would be happier with the opportunity to work from home. Now, with businesses having to scramble to set up their employees to work remotely because of the COVID-19 pandemic, employers get to see how this will affect their flow of business. Beyond their employees’ happiness, it also brings to the front the pros and cons of team members working remotely.



  • Your employees will have more say in their work and life balance.

Comfortable work environment:

  • Employees tend to be more comfortable in their own space.

Greater productivity:

  • One study found that employees working remotely can work 1.4 more days per month. Part of the reason is not having to struggle with commute times.

Employees feel like it is a benefit:

  • This can’t be overstated. Most employees, if given the option, will feel being able to work remotely is a major job perk.


Lack of security:

  • When your employees are located in one central location, security is easier to maintain. This is much more challenging when everyone is spread out across different networks.

Difficulty passing information:

  • While systems like OneNote, Google Docs and Dropbox have grown in popularity, each has its advantages and disadvantages in sharing information between your workers.

Online meetings can be more tiring or frustrating:

  • The need to be constantly focused to retain information can be stressful.
  • It is also easier for employees to be sidetracked while on a meeting by checking email, working or just their surroundings.
  • Home internet is sometimes not as stable and there can be frustrating lags or drops during online meetings.
  • Here is how MainStreet IT Solutions can help set up your employees for successful remote working
  • Develop a mobile IT infrastructure at a cost effective price through our HaaS program.

  • Set up your network and devices to accommodate secure remote work.

  • Standardize file sharing by establishing uniform file sharing solutions with configurations that allow for passing and backing up the appropriate file types.
  • Provide recommendations for hardware and software that can help address sub-optimal online meetings.

There is no question that recent events have changed the workplace and increased the need for and interest in working remotely. Feel free to give us a call and talk about your remote working challenges. We are happy to help.

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