Why Should Pennsylvania Businesses Outsource Cybersecurity

As most business owners and managers know, cybersecurity is a moving target. So keeping up with the latest attacks and having the ability to recover from these attacks is crucial. Whether in-house or outsourced, IT teams have had to switch from securing the parameter to securing the cloud infrastructure and remote devices used from various locations. Like many outsourcing solutions, when it pertains to cybersecurity, having a team of specialists who keep up with the latest trends is an ideal solution.

Like most business decisions, choosing the best cybersecurity solution involves weighing the pros and cons. Often organizations wonder if outsourcing cybersecurity services creates additional risks that they can avoid by keeping security operations in-house, or are there benefits to outsourcing that outweigh the potential risks?

Outsourced Cybersecurity Services In Pennsylvania

Why Pennsylvania Businesses Should Outsource Cybersecurity?

As a business owner, it’s normal to be skeptical about outsourcing any part of your business. The primary reason for this is the assumption that keeping processes in-house saves you money. However, outsourcing your cybersecurity is a solution that will save you money and increase your overall efficiency and security.

Save Time and Money

Having an internal cybersecurity department is considerably more expensive to set up and maintain than you may realize. You need to hire specialized trained staff to run your IT department. This staff requires specialized training resulting in higher pay and increased expenses for employment taxes, retirement plans, and other benefits. You will also need to purchase the necessary cybersecurity software required to maintain the services this department will be responsible for providing.

With outsourced cybersecurity, you don’t need to hire and train an IT staff, and you only need to pay a monthly service fee, which will end up costing you less in the long run.

When you consider the costs of in-house resources, including training, turnover, and bridging knowledge gaps, the overall cost of outsourcing your cybersecurity is minimal, if there is a cost at all.

Better Resources and Expert Advice

If you choose to handle cybersecurity in-house, you are limited to the expertise of the individuals that you hire for that department. Outsourcing enables you to tap into a much larger pool of experienced specialists to help analyze and resolve complex security issues. In addition, a cybersecurity provider has a professional and knowledgeable staff who stay updated on all the latest security solutions. These cybersecurity experts have experience with a wide range of issues and can quickly resolve them based on past experiences with other clients.

Enhanced Security

Having the resources and experience of an outsourced cybersecurity firm specializing in this area is vital in this time of ever-increasing cybersecurity attacks. Given the substantial skillset required to do cybersecurity work well, an in-house operation can have increased risks unless a solid system of checks and balances is in place.

Many moving parts need to be constantly monitored and adjusted to ensure ongoing success, and not every organization has the appropriately skilled management to oversee this. Being able to tap into the expertise of a seasoned firm can save you the financial hardships and embarrassment of a cyber-attack.

Outsourcing your cybersecurity ensures that you have access to the advanced tools, services, and knowledge needed to keep your network secure. Instead of floundering around, guessing, and hoping you have enough security in place, invest in and trust the advice of a seasoned outsource cybersecurity expert.

Decreased Downtime

Have you ever considered what would happen if all your technology failed for a day, a week, or longer? Could your business survive? Having the resources of a professional cybersecurity firm will minimize any downtime that your organization might have, assuming that your organization has implemented the recommended services. When you consider how much you could potentially lose, the monthly cost of outsourced cybersecurity begins to pale in comparison.


We are all familiar with the saying, “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Digital transformation is an ongoing process that requires a regular review of your organization’s internal processes, procedures, and technology. Every day brings a new security threat and technology trend, and if your organization doesn’t keep up with the pace, you’ll be out of business soon. Outsourcing your organization’s cybersecurity ensures that your security and disaster recovery plan is assessed and updated regularly. With an outsourced cybersecurity solution, you can be confident that your organization is taking advantage of new technology and is prepared to address any type of security breach.

What Are the Cons of Outsourcing Your Organization’s Cybersecurity?

One of the most significant drawbacks of outsourcing your cybersecurity is the simple idea that you are giving an outside organization full access to your network. For this reason alone, it is vital to be cautious and prudent when deciding who will get this type of access.

When you outsource any service, you enter into a unique relationship that can be risky due to a different type of accountability than an in-house team. Because outsourcing firms are not employees, the only recourse you have is to sever ties with the organization.

Additionally, it can be riskier to partner with an outsourced organization as they may be more exposed because they have multiple clients. If one of their clients gets breached, it’s possible that the breach can result in all of their clients being affected. There are also many different levels of quality for managed IT providers, so it’s essential to do due diligence when selecting an IT service provider.

Mainstreet IT Solutions: Your Cybersecurity Experts

A critical factor when deciding whether or not to outsource your organization’s cybersecurity is recognizing that having the right people in the right place can be a challenge. For many businesses, a significant factor is whether there are capable, experienced in-house employees able to accomplish this task.

At Mainstreet IT Solutions, we specialize in cybersecurity and have the knowledge and experience to keep your network secure. We can help you find the best solution for keeping your network and data secure while eliminating the learning curve your in-house IT staff needs to become proficient with new software and systems.

Our real-world experience ensures the best outcome for our clients by providing the best products and services available. Contact us today to learn more about how our team of experts can help protect your network from cyber threats.

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