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Keeping Your Network Safe and Secure

How Secure is Your Network?

You have your anti-virus software in place and think you’re safe. One (big) problem – none of your employees have updated their software in weeks, maybe months. They don’t know that now the anti-virus software is only effective against older cyber attacks and not prepared to defend against new ones. Proper employee training is a must for network security.

You have years and years of important data. Maybe invoices, tax files, manuals, or client information. Nothing’s ever been backed up because everything’s right there, safe on one person’s computer. But what happens if those files get corrupted or that computer gets hacked?

A workaholic takes their laptop on the road. They connect to the internet at the airport, the hotel, maybe even a restaurant (take a break!) all while on public WiFi. While you appreciate their commitment, they’ve been sending data over insecure channels and have made your network vulnerable to attacks.

How can I protect my business?

How A Network Security Solution Helps You

Ransomware and malware are everywhere these days. You need someone who knows how to protect you and your business from common and not-so common problems.

Benefits of network security management include:

  • Knowledgeable Employees
    Staff continually keeps up to date in the what the latest cyber attacks are and new ways security could be compromised.
  • Proactive
    Systems and protocols are set up to prevent attacks before they happen.
  • Prepared
    If the worst that could happen happens, backups are in place to prevent total data loss and speed recovery.

What MainStreet Does

Keeping the bad guys out is one of the most important tasks we provide at MainStreet IT Solutions. We take network security seriously and strive to provide the most excellent and comprehensive solutions.

Some of our services includes:

  • Backup protection
    We have seen firsthand how backup software has saved decades-worth of documents and database information. MainStreet IT Solutions is able to guide businesses toward an ideal backup solution that fits each individual need of a company.
  • Anti-virus protection
    Anything less than complete protection of a workstation and its environment would be foolish in today’s world. We are constantly monitoring enterprise-level endpoint protection software and its ability to protect individual machines and its environments, so we can ensure our customers are receiving the best possible support.
  • VPNs
    A virtual private network (VPN) is a must for companies with employees on the go. Using a VPN allows employees to access the business network over any WiFi and disallows prying eyes from following. We set up VPNs that will let your staff work remotely and securely.
  • Encrypted Data
    If something happens and a ransomware hacker gets ahold of your precious data, at least they won’t be able to read it. MainStreet can help safeguard sensitive information like passwords and internal proprietary information and make it useless in the hands of a hacker.

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How MainStreet IT Solutions Helped My Business

"Ransomware shut down our company completely. I can’t go into too many details for obvious reasons, but we can definitely say that without MainStreet’s help, we were looking at a six-figure ransom to even have a prayer of getting back to normal. Fortunately, MainStreet figured out how to avoid that and, even better, implemented steps that make us a really tough target for any future attacks."