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What do you do when...

  • Time equals money. With many moving pieces and parts comes the likelihood that something will go wrong. And of course that's going to happen at inconvenient times. What happens when things aren't up and running, no one is open to help you, and you're losing valuable business?
  • Your company has a great machine that you've used for years, but has not-so-great and out of date software. You have modern software and computers, but can't connect it to the machine. It's the only equipment that performs a certain task - how do you bridge the technology gap?
  • Your employees are sending sensitive documents - but how safely are they communicating? For example, sometimes, it's easier and quicker to just send things from a personal email, but that can put the company at risk. How can they follow a safe protocol if they don't know what it is?
  • A piece of software just isn't working and you don't know why, who to contact to get it fixed, and what questions to ask to troubleshoot the problem?

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  • Do you have 10 or more computers?

  • Do you work with networked machines as part of your manufacturing process?

  • Do you work with multiple 3rd party vendors?

  • Do you need 24/7 coverage to support multiple shifts or overnight production runs?

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