IT Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

The management of sizable disparate manufacturing operations is often wholly dependent on top-notch applications and robust system infrastructure. A well-supported IT system can help you increase your production numbers, optimize efficiency and ensure a safe work environment. Mainstreet IT Solutions supports all the IT needs of manufacturing firms throughout Central Pennsylvania. Our highly experienced technical consultants apply their expertise to quickly respond to any issues that arise so your IT manufacturing systems run smoothly. Our IT team helps streamline your processes for increased safety and efficiency while providing the reliable ongoing support you need to survive and thrive in the current highly volatile marketplace.

IT Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

How Mainstreet IT Solutions Can Help

At Mainstreet IT Solutions, we understand manufacturers have unique and demanding IT requirements. Our teams can come as an extension of your existing IT department, working side by side to handle a range of tasks from large-scale installation to support solutions for your staff, customers, or vendors.

We provide a full range of IT services tailor-made to suit your specific manufacturing need, including but not limited to 24x7x365 remote system monitoring and Helpdesk services, project consulting, periodic audits of IT systems and issues, emergency services, and problem resolution to complete IT outsourcing. Our 24x7x365 IT Support ensures improved workflow and streamlined operations.

Some of our exceptional services include:

Computer Technical Support Services

Having access to reliable and high-quality computer technical support is crucial for the optimal running of your day-to-day services. Mainstreet IT Solutions is the leader when it comes to quality computer support services. Whether you need diagnostic services, troubleshooting, repair, and any necessary maintenance to your business computers or other digital devices, our highly experienced team have you covered.

Managed Networks and Systems

There is no greater peace of mind than knowing skilled engineers are ready to move in quickly and help should anything go wrong with your networks. At Mainstreet IT Solutions, we understand how crucial your networks and systems are to your manufacturing processes. We provide various network management services tailor-made for your manufacturing environment, including infrastructure setup, security and support, server management, and more. Our IT team leverages their vast experience and cutting-edge technologies to implement, optimize and maintain the system’s uptime. Our IT solutions for manufacturing can resolve any system issues in minutes to ensure your network connection is always available when you need it.

Managed Cloud Technologies

Most companies are now turning to cloud technologies for improved productivity and efficiency. Cloud solutions allow small manufacturers to maximize the same scale of technologies as their larger counterparts, thus gaining an advantage over their competition. At Mainstreet IT Solutions, we are committed to supporting all your cloud technological needs so you can maximize the latest technologies to increase your environment’s security, simplify operations, and accelerate your business growth. The following are a few of the many cloud-based solutions that we support:

  • Web and email content filtering
  • Microsoft Office 365 upgrades and migrations
  • Microsoft Azure migrations and management
  • Data backup and recovery solutions
  • Cybersecurity solutions
  • Desktop as a service/remote desktop applications

Managed IT Security

Currently, US companies are facing a new type of crisis- malware, ransomware, phishing emails, and other forms of cyber threats. Cybercriminals are using sophisticated attacks to breach IT security and wreak havoc throughout the business and manufacturing communities. Studies reveal by 2021, companies will fall victim to a cybersecurity attack every 11 seconds. Unfortunately, most organizations are unable to maintain a higher level of security in their IT environment due to the sophisticated nature of the attacks and the extreme shortage of cybersecurity professionals. The only viable opinion is to turn to a trusted managed IT security expert in Central Pennsylvania. At Mainstreet IT Solutions, we have the right tools, technologies, and highly experienced cybersecurity experts in place to help the manufacturers mitigate the rising risks of cyberattacks. Some of the managed cybersecurity solutions that we offer include:

  • Managed detection and response services
  • Providing ongoing education to your users on best cybersecurity practices
  • Review access levels for individuals within your organization and reduce access to systems
  • Proactive updates for software and hardware such as IoT devices
  • 24/7 active monitoring of systems and networks
  • Implementation of a robust firewall in place and robust web-based filtering of emails and network traffic
  • Cloud security
  • Penetration testing and threat simulation
  • Endpoint security

Project-Based IT Services

At Mainstreet IT Solutions, we understand some manufacturers in Central Pennsylvania don’t need full support all the time. If you have an in-house team that handles your day-to-day IT needs but requires a specialized team to step in for occasional complex projects, Mainstreet IT Solutions has you covered. We are the go-to company when you need complex IT services and capabilities that your in-house team can’t provide. Similarly, if you are a small, growing manufacturing company that can’t afford to hire full-time in-house IT professionals, we will provide highly specialized services at affordable monthly rates.

Why Choose Mainstreet IT for Your Manufacturing IT Needs

  • Customized services: We offer 100% customized services to fit your unique needs. Before providing any services, we take time to learn and understand your business needs, so we tailor-make effective IT Support solutions.
  • Access to experts: Our trained staff is first-class experts with vast knowledge in various IT areas. They continuously go through training to update their skills on the latest industry trends.
  • Affordable services: Our managed IT services help you access high-quality IT solutions at a fraction of the cost you would spend hiring a full-time IT team. We create a support plan that resolves all your IT issues without breaking your bank. With our monthly fees, you have the flexibility to pay only for what you have used.
  • 24/7 support: We leverage our virtual IT help desk solutions to provide 24x7x 365 support to ensure your IT infrastructure is running optimally and securely.

Get Exceptional IT Help for Your Manufacturing Needs

When you choose to outsource your IT needs to Mainstreet IT Solutions, you are guaranteed instant, reliable live Support from local experts who know you and your business. Our manufacturing industry IT solutions are designed to help improve your production quality, enhance efficacy and security, cut costs and drive more sophistication in your working and operations. Our goal is to provide custom solutions that help you gain an advantage over your competitors, enhance your customer’s experience and explore new opportunities that modern technologies offer. Contact us today to request a quote.

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