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What is a HelpDesk?

Something's broken! Who do I contact and how? I have a phone number for somebody and an email address for another person... which method of communication will get me the help I need quickly? What if the contact information I have isn't for the "right" person who can help me with my problem?

And what happens once I get connected? Will I need to explain again and again who I am, what my company does, what my history with my IT company is, and what services I've used? Because I don't even remember everything.

How long will it take before someone even picks up when I call? Will it be a real person?

Who can help me?

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Enter HelpDesk

In today's world, having an IT HelpDesk Partner could be considered synonymous with having water for daily sustenance. If you ever run into a problem with your workstation, server, network security, and anything else that could ever go wrong in the world of IT, you need a professional who can solve it

Benefits of having a HelpDesk Partner:

  • Expertise

    No matter the issue, your HelpDesk partner has a solution.
  • Transparent

    You should only get billed for the time you're actually being helped and not time spent on hold.
  • Personal

    Your IT staff should know who you are and what you've needed in the past. This will help them to troubleshoot faster in the future.

How MainStreet Helps

We have been providing HelpDesk support since our doors opened in 2011. Just as there are many businesses out there and many ways of doing business, we also have a wide variety of options when it comes to support.

  • Responsive

    MainStreet has a reputation as "The people you call who actually pick up." We work hard to maintain that reputation, but occasionally you'll have leave a message or send us an email. We promise to get back to you right away so that you and your company experience limited downtime.
  • Personalized HelpDesk

    Your own specific knowledge base. All your history and important information in one accessible, comprehensive place.
  • Complete Coverage

    No charge for onsite or remote support.

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