When Will Your Solo IT Staff Member Burn Out?

This food processing company was going through multiple IT staff members a year before they partnered with MainStreet IT Solutions. Can you afford the internal IT department you need?


Good Food, a food processing company in business since 1934. They produce animal-grade molasses, sweeteners, bulk icing, retail syrups, and more.

The Problem

“We were having trouble keeping an IT person, and we went through three or four IT guys in a two-year span,” says Ryan Sauder, Accounting Supervisor & IT Generalist, Good Food.

After losing yet another IT staff member, Ryan took over the work with support from a third-party IT company. Seeing the value in outsourcing eventually led Ryan and Good Food to MainStreet IT Solutions.

The Solution

“That was the main reason we went to MainStreet IT Solutions—to hand it off to them and let them handle everything, and not have to worry about turnover,” says Ryan.

By partnering with MainStreet IT Solutions, Good Food could access a full team of IT professionals with extensive experience and skillsets, all for a simple monthly rate.

Ryan and the Good Food team didn’t have to worry about hiring and managing an internal staff anymore—MainStreet IT Solutions would take care of their IT for them from end to end.

“It made all the sense in the world to outsource it to MainStreet IT Solutions at that point,” says Ryan.

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Good Food

MainStreet IT Solutions Has Become Good Food’s Cost-Effective IT Department

MainStreet IT Solutions and Good Food have been working together for around three years now, and Good Food has no intention of going back to their old ways.

They know that the MainStreet IT Solutions team consistently goes above and beyond to solve their IT problems before they even take effect.

“We had a pretty major hardware failure in our servers, but it was redundantly built, so we were able to manage without that piece,” says Ryan. “They came out and fixed it the same day before we even knew anything had happened.”

That’s why they’re still working together to this day—the Good Food staff knows they can rely on MainStreet IT Solutions to provide cost-effective and reliable IT expertise.

“I highly recommend MainStreet IT Solutions,” says Ryan. “They’ve been great to work with.”

Are you having trouble maintaining the right internal IT team? Contact MainStreet IT Solutions to talk about what we can do for you.

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