How Digital Transformation Changes The Face Of Information Technology

Key Points:

  • Staying ahead of the curve in an ever-changing IT world.
  • Digital transformation opens the door for diversity in technology roles.
  • Do you know the five areas of revolutionary digital transformation?
  • Tearing down outdated silos gives staff tools to increase productivity.
  • Let your night owls work; they’ll thank you in the morning.

Since January 1, 2001, digital transformation has exploded worldwide. What used to take companies days to complete has come down to hours or minutes from start to finish. That includes various changes to information technology and how any organization can provide tailored customer service while remaining highly competitive.

If this is your first time discovering digital transformation, then take a few minutes and listen to Nick’s interview with Jeff Ton. Jeff is a respected IT leader known for his innovative thinking and ability to transform businesses digitally. He shares his thoughts on the future of IT and how leaders can position themselves for continued success in the years ahead.

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What Is Digital Transformation?

It is the steps an organization takes, follows, or uses regarding digital technology. The overall goals consist of improving something within the company that is lacking, never addressed, or the time has come for change. It might be improving productivity, innovation, customer service, or efficiency.

Furthermore, digital transformation also opens doors for diversity in technology roles. When you think about women in technology-related roles, only 23-24% serve in the industry. That also applies to other demographics, such as African-Americans technicians in these roles, around 8%, and Latinos, roughly 5-6%.

In the global marketplace, individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, and approaches view technology from different lenses. What one group sees, another comes at it differently, and both are right. So, businesses today, trying to solve their complex technology issues, need that diversity of thought, experience, background, and culture to address solutions from every angle.

Digital Transformation Surrounds Five Areas of A Business

Before the 21st century began, society moved slowly towards digitalization. As one century ended and another began, there was a remarkable shift, growth, and interest in technology. As a result, today’s consumers are “digital first” because their world revolves around digital devices.

Along with the shift, digital transformation uncovered five areas that drive and fine-tune critical areas of an organization. These transformations are:

  • Business Process – An innovation that adjusts how a business operates internally.
  • Business Model – Refreshes an existing operation to align with a digital environment.
  • Domain – Adjusting outdated boundaries to make room for newer revenue streams.
  • Cultural – Tears down preexisting walls making room for cultural technology diversity.
  • Cloud – Option to migrate some or all company information systems to the cloud.

When an organization adopts all five areas, the business experiences a revolutionary digital transformation. Those advances produce innovative products and services that increase the customer’s experience, keeping a business highly competitive.

Which Outdated Business Silos Need Replacing?

Each organization has specific objectives the leadership wants to achieve. For instance, reducing costs and increasing revenue. Maybe it’s increasing employee productivity to improve customer experience or agility to gain a competitive advantage. Though each business is different, each has universal goals they want to reach but does not know how.

Whatever the objective is, you must first look at what blocks a goal from getting reached because therein lies your answer. We’ll use increasing employee productivity as an example. An employee has daily tasks they must do. Along their route, they run into barricades that prevent them from completing their assigned duties on time.

It might be information they need, but due to the silo approach the leadership has in place, the data sources are not available to them. So, the solution is new access points to transform this objective and increase employee productivity. That approach allows the staff member access to the necessary business information to complete the task quickly.

If You Have Night Owls In Your Company, Use Them!

There is one huge, eye-opening revelation and multiple benefits the business world received from the pandemic. Some of the best results these decision-makers discovered are many of their employees work better at night and alone. For instance, some developers write their best code at two o’clock in the morning.

Another way was amending the employees’ commute to and from the job. They developed unique skill sets when forced to adjust their lives and work from home. So, the mandatory five-day-a-week onsite requirement began shifting to a flexible new blended hybrid schedule. For instance, they work 2-3 days a week at the office and the rest from home. Those are just a few ways digital transformation has changed the face of information technology.

MainStreet IT Solutions Will Guide You As You Move Forward

You might be facing digital transformation challenges. Such as providing tailored customer service while remaining highly competitive. Maybe you’re struggling to reduce operational costs and increase revenue. Then it would be best if you had a team that could guide you every step of the way to achieve your goals.

Whatever you’re facing, MainStreet IT Solutions knows you need digital transformation help quickly. If that’s the case, contact us or call our team at (717) 354-8385.

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