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What Happens Without Desktop and Workstation Management

What Happens Without Desktop and Workstation Management

Employee A uses one type of computer and operating system, but Employee B uses a different one. When your employees are all on different machines, it’s hard to keep things up to date across the board. Someone is always lagging (sometimes literally) behind someone else.

A new employee is hired and they are assigned a computer, but there’s a problem: no one knows how to set it up. Your on-call IT person can’t get to you for a week, wouldn’t it be great to have a company proactively manage computer configuration for you?

A piece of software needs a patch… or is it an upgrade? Anyway, something happened and now nobody can get the software to work, or even worse: everyone was running an old anti-virus program and they were tricked into installing malware instead of an update. How could this have been prevented?

Take a look at some of the ways that workstation and desktop management is an important, cost effective business solution to painful IT problems.

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Benefits of Workstation and Desktop Management

Don’t rely on an outside IT firm that comes in and fixes things when they’re already broken or worse, that employee who’s “good at computers”.

Benefits of workstation and desktop management include:

  • Consistency
    All employees are operating on the same system and hardware.
  • Expertise
    The computers are configured by someone who knows what they’re doing.
  • Proactive
    No unpredicted downtime and loss of business.
Benefits of Workstation and Desktop Management

How MainStreet Helps

MainStreet’s IT staff are able to monitor desktops and workstations live and provide support in the background. Such support creates a proactive environment rather than a reactive environment. The goal is for IT to face issues before a problem occurs, so end users and businesses are unaffected.

Some of the services we provide:

  • Install and Maintain Hardware
    Ensure all hardware is installed correctly and is compatible with each other.
  • Configuration Management
    Everything is functional and will work at maximum performance.
  • Patch Management
    Automated Windows Security Patches and 3rd party application patches that keep desktops and workstations in optimal condition.
  • Hardware as a Service
    Looking for a cost-efficient way to have the latest equipment? Talk to MainStreet about Hardware as a Service plans.

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"Ransomware shut down our company completely. I can’t go into too many details for obvious reasons, but we can definitely say that without MainStreet’s help, we were looking at a six-figure ransom to even have a prayer of getting back to normal. Fortunately, MainStreet figured out how to avoid that and, even better, implemented steps that make us a really tough target for any future attacks."