Cyber Protection in the “New Normal”

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, employers offered only select individuals the ability to work from home, but with the pandemic, it has become expected that more employees may continue to work remotely for an extended time or permanently. This means many will be using their personal computers and mobile devices to access needed documents on company servers or to share information with their coworkers.

Cybercriminals are starting to take notice of these opportunities and are turning their attention away from protected company networks to home offices and other offsite locations that can lack sufficient protections to prevent cyber-attacks. This can:

  • Put a company’s private information at a greater risk of being compromised or stolen.
  • Increase the risk of fraud.
  • Hackers and Phishers prey on people’s insecurity and confusion regarding standards and policy.
  • Create a greater risk of Identity Theft due to remote work making impersonation easier.
  • Increase the threat of phishing attacks, malspams, and ransomware.

To defend themselves from these increased assaults, companies must be prepared to help their employees set up a secure remote-working environment that makes sure sensitive documents and files remain safe and confidential.

A lack of IT resources can be a burden to many smaller companies as they move to enable remote strategies and protections. MainStreet IT is here to provide support through these challenging times and to keep your company’s network safe and secure. Here’s how we can help:

  • Our highly responsive team is ready to handle urgent requests, as well as help you plan ahead for the New Normal.
  • We have extensive expertise with setting up and maintaining systems for a remote workforce.
  • One of our specialties, which is very important in these changing times, is deploying and maintaining security for remote work.

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