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After COVID-19 forced many workers to remote-work environments, some of those changes are here to stay. A recent Gallup poll indicates that of all United States workers will remain remote, even as the country starts to open back up. 

If pivoting to remote workers caused technology failures, downtime, and frustration in your organization, you may need the help of a managed IT services provider like Mainstreet IT Solutions. Technology is always changing and the technology needed to run your Philadelphia area law firm is increasingly complex. As a result, your limited internal IT staff may not be able to keep up. More law firms are turning to external IT services providers to migrate to the cloud and transform the digital workspace. 

What Is an IT Managed Service Provider?

When you choose to work with an IT managed service provider, you can outsource all or part of your IT function to a third party. IT professionals, like the ones at Mainstreet IT Solutions, possess IT skills that allow them to manage and take responsibility for IT infrastructure and services for a range of organizations. This is a popular option for small to medium-sized businesses in the Philadelphia area. Because of the large costs that come with investing in high-end hardware and maintenance, finding a way to refresh your IT infrastructure can keep you in line with the times.

What Kind of IT Support Services Will You Get?

At Mainstreet IT Solutions, we provide a variety of IT support services. From managing licenses to updating computers and servers or monitoring ISP speed, we have your back. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service with incredibly competitive pricing. Of course, the cost of your services depends on the level of service your business requires. Typically, the cost is also based on either the number of employees or the number of devices being supported.

On-Demand Technical Support and Log Management

Smaller companies often can’t afford the expertise required to fully support and maintain their technology solutions in-house. An IT managed services provider provides access to an on-call expert who will help companies with their support needs either remotely or onsite. At Mainstreet IT Solutions, we focus on being:

  • Responsive
  • Personal
  • Comprehensive

We also utilize log management to turn data into valuable solutions. That way, all your history and important information is in one accessible, comprehensive place. Downtime is minimized and you remain in business.

Network Security

Cybercriminals don’t care when or where they attack. They just look for companies with inadequate network security. That is why adequate security is crucial. You want to prevent and detect network intrusion and protect against viruses and spam, rather than cleaning up after an attack. Using a managed IT services provider helps ensure that your firewalls are robust and your software patches are always up-to-date.


Keeping your technology solutions in line can be a never-ending job, but the team at Mainstreet IT Solutions is here for companies in the Philadelphia area! We have nearly a decade of experience creating relationships with our clients and providing the secure IT infrastructure needed to stay on top of the game. Contact our experts at 717-354-8385 or schedule a complimentary consultation online anytime.

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