What You Need To Know About Microsoft Buying Activision

Around three billion people actively participate in games, making the gaming industry one of the fastest-growing forms of entertainment. Recently, Microsoft announced that they are making a step ahead in the industry by acquiring Activision Blizzard Inc. Activision is one of the leading gaming companies around the world. The acquisition of Microsoft and Activision Blizzard will help Microsoft gaming grow across different platforms. The gaming business will extend across different platforms like PC, mobile, console, and more. Furthermore, this acquisition will accelerate the growth by building the best Metaverse. Talking about the Metaverse, it is a virtual space that helps users interact with their avatars. Let’s dig deeper & know more about Microsoft Buying Activision Blizzard Inc!

Microsoft Buys Activision

Microsoft Will Acquire Activision Blizzard Inc In All-Cash Transactions

Microsoft is on the way to being the leading name in the high-tech digital area. They are making their way to growth and are looking forward to acquiring Activision Blizzard Inc. The deal will wrap up with $68.7 billion, including all the other cash. Furthermore, Microsoft will pay an amount of $95.00 per share. Once the deal gets completed, Microsoft will be listed among the top gaming giants worldwide. With the high-end technology of Microsoft and the award-winning talent of Activision Blizzard Inc, the duo will stay ahead of the competitive market.

Impact Of Microsoft-Activision Acquisition On Gaming Ecosystem

With the Microsoft-Activision acquisition, Microsoft is set to enter the gaming industry and transform it. As we know, Activision is known to have an array of big mobile games like Candy crush, Call of Duty, along with some excellent video games like Warcraft. This will help Microsoft achieve sky-high heights of success with the full worth of money. Moreover, the Microsoft-Activision acquisition will have a great impact on the Metaverse vision of Microsoft along with its aim to launch Game pass. With around 400 million active players, Microsoft has become one of the fastest-growing and leading gaming companies in terms of revenue. Microsoft has secured third place after Tencent and Sony. Let’s shed some light and gain in-depth knowledge about the Microsoft-Activision acquisition.

Impact On The Game Play

The deal has opened up ways to improve the gameplay for the players. The entry of Microsoft into the gaming world has made plenty of positive changes in the gaming world. Over the past few years, it has been quite hard for game developers to showcase their skills and make a huge name in the market. Due to the addition of mega giants in the gaming market, the ways for game developers have highly improved and have created better job opportunities in the gaming world. Till today, mobile games work on in-app purchases, platform fees, and a few advertisements. But with the Microsoft-Activision acquisition, the subscription model will walk in and enhance the gameplay. Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass will also introduce the subscription model in the mobile gaming world. Thus, it is a unique way to look forward to having well-established games.

The world of Metaverse

Gaming is one of the most crucial aspects of the development of Metaverse platforms. Microsoft is on a constant mission to compete with its rival, Facebook. For this reason, Microsoft – building blocks for the Metaverse platform – is very aggressive towards the platform. With the Microsoft-Activision acquisition, Microsoft will have the ability to create a strong gaming Metaverse ecosystem. Microsoft will create a robust and powerful ecosystem by supporting varied Metaverse platforms. However, it won’t show the immediate effects, but it will soon be one of the major benefits in the gaming industry.

Reasons Why Microsoft Is Making Activision Blizzard A Big Deal

Microsoft’s deal with Activision Blizzard is one of the greatest deals among the rest of the deals. As per the findings, this deal is around three times as large as the purchase of LinkedIn in 2016. Here’s a quick look over the points that made Microsoft-Activision acquisition a big deal.

  • Size – The big transaction will make Microsoft a top name in the market. Across the globe, Microsoft will stand in third position, just behind China’s Tencent. Though both Microsoft and Activision have their names in the market, their combination will do wonders and offer everyone a great gaming experience.
  • Mobile – As we know, Activision is quite popular for mobile games like Candy Crush, made by studio King. On the other hand, Microsoft does not have a strong presence in the gaming market. This is where their duo will do wonders in the gaming industry.
  • The Three C’s – Microsoft focuses on the strategy of cloud, content, and creators. The deal between the Microsoft-Activision acquisition will help players create their gaming content. This will help the duo to get success together and create the best gaming platform for the players.
  • Metaverse – The Microsoft-Activision acquisition will offer a great path for both companies to create their Metaverses. By clubbing a powerful ecosystem of content and multiple Metaverses, Microsoft is on the way to transforming the vision into reality.
  • Bypass App Store Fees – Last but not least, the two big companies are on the way to attracting gamers to the platform. With the rapid increase in the competition, Microsoft has decided to distribute the game with a few constraints. Furthermore, they will invest more in innovation and investment, making it stand among the top competitors.

Microsoft And Activision Blizzard Deal Is Extremely Successful

It is no surprise that the deal between Microsoft and Activision will do wonders in the gaming industry. It will improve the revenue growth of both companies and build gaming platforms that are more interesting for the players. Microsoft incorporates the best IT solutions to improve its business reach and achieve the right goals. If you’re the one who is looking to grow in the competitive market with the best IT solutions, feel free to contact Mainstreet IT Solutions. We are a top name that has stood ahead of the curve in delivering top-notch quality services for more than ten years. Reach out to us or schedule an appointment with our experts!

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