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Mainstreet IT Solutions has been providing world-class IT solutions for nearly a decade. We’re proud of our high client satisfaction and we’re always ready to problem solve and innovate their IT needs.
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About Lonnie Martin




Lonnie has over 30 years of experience in the computer and networking industry. This includes over 25 years of corporate IT experience working with many large and small companies, ranging from several PC’s and a single server to several thousand PC’s and hundreds of servers.

Lonnie brings his management skills, technical experience, and experience working as an IT consultant for many SMB and enterprise companies, to lead and guide the team members at MainStreet IT Solutions.

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High Client Satisfaction

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"Ransomware shut down our company completely. I can’t go into too many details for obvious reasons, but we can definitely say that without MainStreet’s help, we were looking at a six-figure ransom to even have a prayer of getting back to normal. Fortunately, MainStreet figured out how to avoid that and, even better, implemented steps that make us a really tough target for any future attacks."